A new bottle in the house

I bought a new bottle for two days ago. It’s so pretty and I’m looking forward to using it. This bottle is so elegant, so simple and clean. This bottle looks so pretty and you can get it in many sizes. You can also get it with an app, where it counts how many bottles of water you have drunk, isn’t that amazing or what? After I found the bottles from Equa, I want to switch out all the bottles I already have.

You can also put your logo on the bottle, so I am going to buy another bottle pretty soon with my signature. Haha, my boyfriend is going to kill me for this (just kidding, he’s a pretty cool and the most amazing person I have ever meet). But he won’t understand the point to have a lot of bottles, but yeah, it’s me… What can I say, I like bottles, even more, if they are pretty, simple and elegant.

According to my phone, I’m going to get the new bottle tomorrow. I cross my fingers for that to happen because I want that bottle now. I want to show the nice bottle to my friends and my family and hopefully, I’m probably going do drink some more water.

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