A girls weekend.

Hello to you and hello to Tuesday!. I wanted to write a little bit about the girls trip I went on last weekend with my girls. I got picked up from work by my twin sister, then we washed the car a little bit before we met up with Stine. After we had washed the car, we drove up to pick up our cousin Cathrine. Then it was time to hit the road. We had so much fun and we laugh so much in the car when we were driving up to the cabin. I just knew this weekend was going to be so great!

We played card and Yatzy Maxi. We also played a game called ‘‘idiot knowledge’’ – we laughed so hard that I got tears, haha. On Friday, we made Taco for dinner and ate some chips in the evening. We talked about old memories and showed each other some old pictures. That´s what I like, just sit there and talk about the old good days and just laugh with my friends. What a good time, and we need to do it again soon.

We drove in a nice, blue car!

We were lucky because we got the chance to loan a car from Toyota for the whole weekend which was a blue Camry. I liked the colour on it, but I didn’t like the light interior in the car. It isn’t me, but I can recommend it to people who like the light interior. Because we are girls, we had packed so much with us. Therefore, I can tell that this car has a great space in the luggage.


On Saturday we drove to Lillehammer to shop a little. We ate lunch at a place called ‘‘The pancake house’’. It was good food and I ate some few tiny weeny pancakes with a Kinder egg in the middle. Yammy. To dinner this day, we ate a really good dinner with potatoes, sauce, and meat. It was so good! Stine was the chef this day and she did an amazing job with the food. 

I woke up early both of the days so I tried being quiet while the girls were sleeping, and for breakfast, we ate a slice of bread with toppings. We stayed up late (I usually go to bed around 11 PM), and when we couldn’t hold our eyes up any longer, we went to bed. When I woke up so early, it was raining a little bit, but after maybe 30 minutes, it was snowing!.

I had so much fun girls, so let us do this again! Love you all xXx.

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