My plan this week

First of all, what a rainy week this has been and I hate it, but of course, rain is better than snow! When that being said, it’s finally Friday and my cousin, my sister, our friend and I are going to the cabin this weekend in Lillehammer! We are going to drive right after work today. So my sister is going to pick me up first and then we are going to pick up our friend and then our cousin. I have packed all my camera stuff and I’m so ready to take some cool pictures while we stay there.

I was on a little trip two weeks ago, where I was travelling with my boyfriend and some other friends. We had so much fun and we went out to the beautiful lake where we took some pictures and enjoyed the view near the cabin. At the evening we played some cards, made good food, laugh a lot and I went to bed early every day (welcome to the old me – haha).

Now, it’s time to be productive and get some work done before the weekend can start. I haven’t been so motivated this week and I hope that next week is going to be better. I hope your week has been great and that the rain hasn’t ruined your week.

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