Why having a twin sister is the best thing ever

Some may say that having a twin sister is both a blessing and a curse. Being a twin can have its downfalls, but I will always appreciate having someone to lean on. Not only have I made a best friend, but I have also grown and matured into my own person. My sister has shown me what unconditional love feels like and I cannot thank her enough.

As my life has gone on, I’ve realized just how lucky I am to be a twin. There are so many things being a twin has thought me about life, and I want to share some of them with you dolls! And I want to share somethings only we twins understand. Haha.

Baby pictures

This is so funny! Every time you look at baby pictures, you often have absolutely no idea which one is you. Haha! Our mom and dad dressed us alike, so Unless I had one black and one white shoe, I can’t see who is me, haha!


Your friends are obsessed with looking at old photos to see if they can tell you who is who and If they haven’t already met your twin, they’re obsessed with meeting her.

What it’s like

You’ve been asked approximately 1,389,908,909 times what it’s like to be a twin and every time I answer that I do not know how it’s like to not be a twin. Haha.

Who you are

When a random stranger inexplicably seems to know who you are, you aren’t creeped out because you know they’re most likely just friends with your twin. Haha! That has happened so much and every time it happens, it is still fun to pretend that you’re your twin.

To have someone

You know what it’s like to have someone who has been through Every. Single. awkward phase with you and it’s oddly comforting because you simply can’t imagine what your life would be like without a partner in crime. Yup, you two were meant to be together.

I love you sis!!! <3

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