Why did you choose to get broken now

Problem number one

Right now, I am writing on my work-computer, which is a windows. It’s not the same at all. I don’t like this computer and it’s so stupid to write on and every time I am going to push at the shift button, I push at the narrow -up button instead. Since I pushed at the narrow -up bottom instead, the marker jumps a line up and because of that, I start writing on the line above. It’s so annoying! It is a disappointment to write on windows computers. ( I am apologize to all of you who is an owner of a window-computer. )

In 2011 I bought a Macbook for the first time, and since then, I’ve always been an Apple owner. I like Apple products. Macbook is so great to use when you’re editing photos, and there is a lot of you who already know this. I really love to use Macbook and I will not go back to windows-computers. ( Except at my job, then I have to use a windows-computer )

It’s been almost 5 years since I replaced my old MacBook with a new one. My third Macbook. On that new Macbook I was going to save memories from my daily life. That Macbook was going to make me happy for many years, but now, it chose to break down. It shuts off every minute, so I can’t work on that Mac. Why did you choose to break down now, and right before our vacation? It’s so sad! I don’t find the bill either. I use to know where I have all the bills, but not now. I can’t deliver it at service without the bill.

First now, I can see how much the Macbook means to me and how much I use it on the daily basic. Why do you choose to break down now, right before the vacation?

Problem number two

The other problem I found out was that my blog doesn’t look the same on Windows-computers as it does on a Macbook. My blog is looking so much better on a Macbook or a mobile phone. It was so sad to find that out yesterday. The fonts aren’t the same either and they look better on a Macbook too. What a huge disappointment.

If you want to see my blog perfectly, I recommend you look at my blog on your phone or on a Macbook. So to all windows-owners, don’t use your computer, look on your phone instead.

I want my Macbook back. I. want. macbook. now!

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