Daily life

Hi! What a lovely day this has been! I have enjoyed the sun, as always. On Monday I had a meeting with my doctor around 9:00 am. My sister, Annette Elvira was nice and drove me down to Oslo. After the meeting with the doctor, Annette and I went to the mal with two friend of us, Stine and Joakim, to shop bikinis and food for the day.

We had planned to drive to Hvervenbukta to enjoy the sun, each other’s company and eat good food. When we drove, we agreed to drive to Ingerstrand instead. There wasn’t so many people there when we arrived, but after a while, there came more people. There only thing I hated was the wind, it blew a lot.

After all, it was a lovely day filled with good people, good weather, good food and good times. Before we went back home, we drove to Holmlia to see the apartment Stine and Joakim has bought. It was a quiet nice little place. I think Stine and Joakim is going to thrive at that place.

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