What a lovely friday​!

Yesterday I took the train down to Oslo around eleven o’clock. I went to Toyota, where Daniel is working. I was there one hour before a good friend of mine was coming to Toyota to say hi. He is going at the school next to Toyota.

After Daniel was finished at work, we drove down to Mirabel, Sørenga. Since I am going to take some pictures for them in the restaurant and of the food, we were told to feel at home. So we were walking around in the restaurant to see the possibility of places to take good pictures.  And you know what? I think this is going to be great! I am looking forward to going a little bit crazy with my camera!

Since we were already at Mirabel, Sørenga we chose to have our dinner there. We have tried some different dishes (since we have been there a few times before), but yesterday we choose to take Pizza. I took the Amigos, which was Pepperoni, beef, tomato sauce, jalapeños, and pepper mix. I chose to remove jalapeñosen since I did not like it. Daniel took the Pizza Mirabel, which was salami, ham, meat dough, tomato sauce, mushroom, and paprika.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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