We meet again.

Hello! Right now, we are on our way to Cannes, France. Yesterday we checked in to a hotel in Salou, Spain. The hotel had a good location, but the only thing I have to say about that hotel is that it just had two sockets! How is it possible?

Lucky for us, I am a pessimistic person and I always think that plan A doesn’t work. Therefore it’s so great that I was a step ahead. I had therefore packed an extension cord which I had laid in the car! oh yes, it’s me we are talking about, Haha. What had you expected?

The first evening, we were very late to eat dinner because none of us was in the mood because of the socket and if the hotel was worth the money. Things like this can happen to everyone, but we did get the mood up! Things usually resolve when you are solution oriented and if you’re a proper planer! Haha.

Finally, I got the chance to try the new sunbed I bought in Spain. We had planned to be at the hotel to enjoy the sun, but I am so glad we did go to the beach instead. It was a lovely sand and the sun was shining already 7 am! The sun did not shine at the hotel before 12 pm, so I am so glad we chose the beach!

In the evening, we had planned to go out to eat dinner at a pizza restaurant, but they had Siesta, so we ended up at a restaurant called The Tropical. The tropical was a very nice restaurant with lovely workers. The waitress came from London and spoke British, and I liked the British accent, and she was a very cool girl! We sat at the restaurant until 10 pm before we went back to the hotel.

Vi ordered a hamburger, a chicken chest with fries, 3 ice cream, chicken nuggets as a snack and 6 drinks. All this came at 660 KR, which is very cheap for all this. Haha.

Now, I am going to enjoy the view and listening to some good music. I hope you have a great day and that you are getting a good evening.

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