This is how my boyfriend and I eat

My past relationship wasn’t a very healthy one when it came to food. My ex didn’t ate vegetables, chicken and fish. Therefore it was a little hard for us to eat healthy food together and we was eating hot dogs, hamburgers etc – something that isn’t good in a long term.

First and foremost, I want to say that my boyfriend is incredibly good at eating healthy and he loves to cook in the kitchen, so he is the king in the kitchen in this apartment. At the same time, he is able to vary between different dishes. He also does not drink soda on weekdays, just on weekends. I have to try to get better and to cut out soda in the weekdays, but I need start in the small. Now we both try to eat as clean products as possible. Therefore, we avoid unhealthy food, but once a week we find it okay. We try to eat mostly meat, fish, chicken and vegetables – therefore we try to eat a little less of potatoes and pasta. We also try to make things from scratch and therefore avoid buying frozen pizza or ready meals.

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