I really love the weather these days! It’s so good to just lay in the sun and relax, drink a cold drink and listen to music. This makes me look more forward to the trip Daniel and I are going to this vacation! I can’t get enough of the warmth and sunny days. I love the summer and since I like to enjoy the sun, I need protection.

I love the products Piz Buin. The products smell so good and I have always used that sunscreen. It is non greasy and non sticky. I also use spray sunscreen as well, from the same brand. I try not to use sunscreen in general, but when I do, I try to use a low factor. This summer I’ve tried to use a little higher factor, so now I am using 20 and 30. Don’t ask me why I haven’t used sunscreen in general, because I don’t knowbut I know It protects the skin and therefore I try to use it more often, so I don’t get sunburned.

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