The 3 tricks that helped me to drink more water

When I started being more mindful of my health, I picked up a few easy tricks that help me stay on track when it comes to drinking water. Once you make a habit of these, it’ll be like second nature! Keep reading to find out my three essentials!

There has been a whole month since I stopped drinking soda and it feels great. Of course, I am going to drink soda when we celebrate someone’s birthday but in small quantities. 


I try not to go anywhere without a bottle of water. Learning to keep yourself hydrated is crucial! It does wonders for pretty much every part of your body —from your skin to your colon (not to mention it helps with weight loss)!


In our house, we have always seven bottles with cold water in the fridge. It makes me drink more water because if I am going to drink water, it has to be cold. Haha. Try it yourself!


Don’t have soda in your house! It is so easy to grab the soda instead of water if you open your fridge. Do you self a favor by don’t buy them and do not take them home with you dolls!. 

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