Take pictures and share them.

One day something really cool can happen! Yesterday was that one day. But before I tell you about last nights evening, I want to say that I didn’t get the chance to try my jacket because it stopped raining.

Now I am going to tell about the title of this blog post. Yesterday Daniel and I went out to dinner since we were going to celebrate that he has moved his address to my apartment, so now, we are officially living together. So we went to Mirabel, Sørenga. We have been there one time before, and they have good food and the people who work there is so nice and take good care of the costumers. 

.. 🙊 .. 🙊 ..

Since I am a blogger and like taking pictures and see myself as a self-learned photograph, I took pictures of the food. When we were sitting there, I sent the pictures to the restaurant on Facebook. After a while, I saw the owners look at the phone, swipes to the side and look at me and point at me and at that time I knew that they had seen the pictures. I didn’t believe they would see the pictures before later that night.

They come to our table and ask me if my last name is Sandberg and if I had taken that pictures. Yes, I answered. They asked if I was a photographer and I said I was a self-learned photograph. They asked us if could take a talk when we had paid. After we had paid, we walked to them for a little chat.

They said that they wanted me to take pictures of the restaurant, where they are going to make dinner so I can take pictures of them, and they are going to say it to the chef and make them ready. I am going to get paid or a gift card. It’s my choice. 

It’s so fun and nice when people use my pictures and when they see my pictures and like them. It’s a very good feeling. So next time when you’re out to eat, take pictures and maybe you»re going to be asked the same thing as I did :). So one day when it’s sun and nice weather, I am going to have a photoshoot at Mirabel and the food is at the house. So fantastic and what a good feeling.

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