Sincerely, Lene

I feel the week is moving fast. Tomorrow, there is just 1 month until Daniel and I are traveling to Europe. 1 month! the months are flying by so fast. I’m looking forward to the day we are sitting in the car with our bags. When I speak about time, the sun is shining and I am going to enjoy the sun when it’s finally here! We have been so lucky to have so many sunny days these weeks, but vi do not know when it’s going to be gone. Today, my twin sister, my aunt child and I have been enjoying the sun, so lovely! 🌸

We went down to the city around 9 o’clock because we wanted to enjoy the sun, eat a good lunch and enjoy each other’s company. When we arrived, we were sitting in a park called Bjølsen, before we went down to Akerselva and enjoyed the sun at a place called Myraløkka. My twin sister Annette had a meeting around 1 o’clock, so we had time to eat lunch, enjoy the sun, and meet a good friend named Stine. This day has been great!

Now it’s dinner time! I am going to watch home and away when I eat. Haha. I have no plans for the rest of the day, so I am going to relax and watch TV. Lovely! Daniel is in Sweeden today to pick up a friend, so he won’t be home before the night. Hope your day has been great and I hope you have enjoyed the sun today. 🙂

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