New Project

I’ve done it before and want to try it again. I have started to knit my 3rd sweater. The first sweater I started to knit is called Marius sweater and as my 2nd sweater I chose to knit was Vendela. Yes… I started at a high level. Haha.

Marius sweater.

I thought I never was going to finish this sweater, so I took some colors that people usually don’t choose… Black, gray and neon green. Haha. I did finish this sweater, but if I’m going to wear it or not, I don’t know.

Vendela sweater in light color. 

As 2nd sweater, I choose to knit the Vendela sweater. This I think I managed very well until I saw that I had knitted the pattern a little tight. It was a sad feeling when I finished. So I’ll try to get it out and hope it will improve.

Vendela sweater in dark color. 

Now I have started on a new project, which is a new Vendela sweater in dark colors. I hope this will be better than the previous Vendela sweater. I also knit in a different yarn than the previous Vendela sweater. So I cross my fingers and hope for the best!

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