It’s just a few days

You’re in Hamburg, Germany with your mate. You were leaving Friday night. It’s just for a few days. but for me, there may be an eternity especially when I am used to sleeping in your arms and wake up every day with you by my side. When I wake up with you every day, it is so different to wake up without you.

You are coming home tomorrow. Home to me again. It going to be so good to finally sleep in your arms again and feel that you holding around me. We are a good team. We complement each other and we have come to the point that we know where the boundaries go. We understand each other. We are talking about things, even if there is about our relationship, how our day has been and other things. We fix things right away if something comes up. And most of all, we love each other 💕

I am looking forward to seeing you, hug you and kiss you when you’re walking through the door tomorrow. I’m looking forward to our reunion and the idea that when you come home tomorrow, maybe it’s going to be a while before you’re traveling again. I can, therefore, woke up with you every day and sleep in your arms every night. See you tomorrow 💕

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