It’s good to do things a little bit different.

Yesterday I started my day by watching TV before my dad and my sister visited me. After the little visit I went on a trip with my sister, the boyfriend to my sister: Mats, my mom and Bent to a place called Mariholtet. We just wanted to eat some good food, go for a walk and have fun in the nature.

Annette and Mats had packed a camping stove and they had made tikka masala so we could warm it up at Mariholtet – yummy! As the dessert they had packed pancake mix. It was good to do things a little bit different on a trip like this, instead of eating hot dogs etc. It was a good time yesterday, so thank you folks for å lovely day! It must be repeated 🙂.

On the way back we met my boyfriend, hihi. He was working from 10 am to 1 pm, so he couldn’t be with us from the beginning. Thanks again for a lovely day everyone!

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