It all ended with a phone call

I parked the car, walked glad and happy out of the parking garage and entered a nail salong at Strømmen. Did I come out of the salong happy? basically yes, but when I was look closer at the job that was done, I was not particularly pleased. The nails were badly put on! I therefore wrote a review on facebook where I wrote that I was not satisfied. I finally got a phone call from the manager herself where she apologized and asked me to come back – in addition to getting back the money.

I mean and firmly believe that: If a business has done a bad job, customers should not be wise to go there. People read reviews, and therefore companies should do a good job to prove themselves proficient. I got the money back, but chose not to go back there. Once I’ve had a bad experience, I will not go back. Not did they take into account a wound I had on one of my fingers.

The day after I went to Renate, which is a apart of the salong ‘Beauty by Helstrøm’. She got the old nails removed and put on new ones. From now on is she the only one who is allowed to fix my nails.

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