Sincerely, Lene

Now that summer is in full swing, our worst outdoor enemy is back. They invade your home, whine incessantly in your ears, steal your blood and leave behind an itchy reminder of their deed.

Mosquitoes are nasty and highly irritating bugs that can ruin an otherwise perfect time. Did you know that mosquitoes have got eyeballs that let them see from almost every angle. So when they sense motion — like your deadly hand getting ready to close in — they’re on it, sending a signal from the little brain to wing muscles that results in a much quicker reaction than any human, simply because we’re bigger.

Mosquitoes don’t target everyone equally. There are a number of things that can influence how attracted mosquitoes are to you, including genetics. But a number of particularly unfair mosquito attractants include being pregnant, working out, having type O blood or even drinking beer. One more reason to working out, being pregnant or being drunk guys, what’s your choose?.

Go away and let me be alone! If you’re near me, I swear I would kill you!.

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