How I feel about going back to work

Last week I got back to work after almost 6 months home. I am coming slowly back to work by working 7,5 hours in a week and later on I will go more and more back to work. For now, I am working two days to lunch time and then I go home and sometimes I am working one day a week.

Last week I was working with my co-worker Jørgen. It was good to see him again since it has been a while since I last saw him. Jørgen and I are a very good team, we are working fast and the funny is that he’s having birthday the same day as me, and we are at the same age!

Today I have been working with my co-worker Frode (the guy on the picture). I worked a full day since the work we were going to do took more than three hours. We started the day by driving to pick up scaffold since we needed it on the job we were working on. None of us had ever mounted a scaffold before, so it was going to be fun. Haha. We started to mount and after a while, we ended up searching on Youtube for how to mount a scaffold. Haha. After we finished mounting the scaffold, we took a late lunch break. The day has gone so fast and we have used almost the whole day mounting the scaffold, I felt I did nothing much today. Haha.

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