Hello Murcia !

Hello from us in Murcia! We have moved to another hotel, which is very nice with a good view of the sea and a good location. This is a place I could go to when I am going on vacation, more than just a few days.

Since we both are sunburned, we choose to take a break from the sun which is good for our body. Haha. It has to be like this since we weren’t careful enough, but I hope we can go back to the beach tomorrow to enjoy the sun before we’re checking out of this hotel.

Yesterday when we were laying on the beach, I saw a lot of people who had a sunbed you could take with you wherever you go. When I saw it I was thinking that it had been perfect for me to have. Today I was lucky to find a shop which was selling beds like this. So now, I am a lucky owner of a sunbed I can take with me wherever I go! So the next time I go to the beach here in Norway, I am going to take this with me!

The hotel we checked in at is a 4 stars hotel with a good view out to the sea. It’s sad we just checked in for one night. The last two hotels we’ve checked in to has been great because they have been big and fine.

We are soon going out to eat dinner, explore the city and enjoy each others company. I hope you have a great day in Norway and that you also are lucky with the heat. Here we have been, it has been about 35 degree outside, which is great! 🙂

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