He lost 40K!

He lost 40K in monopoly and not in real life! If I had lost so much money, I don’t know what I’d done. Maybe cried for a bit, then put my self together again and pay. For nothing else would been acceptable. Sunday was a perfect day for monopoly since it rained most of the day, and there were some lightning and thunder too.

Franklin Mint Edition Monopoly, this stunning Collector’s Edition is a tribute to the rich history and quality of The Franklin Mint. The dazzling features include a beautiful wood cabinet, premium game components, and 18K gold-plated game pieces. The Collector’s Edition is fully authorized by Hasbro and The Franklin Mint, and truly is a must-have for Monopoly enthusiasts.

I won over Daniel. Hihi. Now it’s time to do something else, have a nice day everyone!

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