Do you hate hangovers?

We all have been there when you have a fun night out with your friends and there is alcohol involved. It is very funny that night, but the next day – ohh.. you probably regret how much alcohol you drank. Haha. Trust me, I’ve been there! But don’t panic guys, because I have the answer for you!

I have learned by drinking and get hangovers and I don’t often drink anymore, but when I do I am very good at drinking a big glass of water between the drinks. When I do this, I can go to sleep when I get home without puking. That is a good feeling and the feeling the next day is even better! So try this next time you have a fun night out, I promise this will help because you need to drink more than you’re peeing so you don’t get dehydrated. It’s so simple! So go out and have fun and thank me later dolls! Haha.

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