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Spaghetti with scampi

Hello you! 💕

Daniel and I made a very good meal earlier this year, which I ‘d like to share with you guys. We ended up with spaghetti, scampi, red curry, and coco milk. This meal is something we’re going to make more often, and all the products are from the food store called Rema 1000 for under 100kr.

 If you’re going to make this recipe, you need:

🍝 Spaghetti 🍝 Scampi 🍝 Red curry paste 🍝 cocos milk

Warm up water in a boiler and when it cooks in the boiler, put the spaghetti in the boiler for 4 minutes ( we used products from Rema 100 – food under 100,-. Put oil and scampi in a frying pan. Put Red curry paste and cocos milk in the frying pan, and mix it together.

– Yummy! –

It’s simple, taste good and it’s cheap. So enjoy the dinner! 🙂

Today’s dinner: Salmon!

This is the first time I’m making this recipe, I really enjoyed it! So good that I want to share the recipe with you guys. It don’t take that long time to make, maybe an half hour. I did not take the time tho, sorry!





♥ Thai Red Cooking Sause, ♥ Chives (spices), ♥ Salmon fillet 2. pcs, ♥ Pomegranate, ♥ Soya Sauce, ♥ Aspargus, ♥ Pepper, ♥ Chilli, ♥ Corn, ♥ Oil, ♥ Salt.


1. Slice the vegetables you want, put them in a bowl and pour a little soy sauce up and mix it together.

2. Put on the oven and pour on oil in the frying pan – I used olive oil. I’ll put one the vegetables for a few minutes while I had the cooking plates at medium heat. You choose how long you want to steer the vegetables, I don’t like my vegetables so soft, so I steer them for about 3-5 minutes.

3. Right before I took the vegetables up, I layed the salmon in the cooking pan as well. I fried them together for about 2 – 3 minutes before I took the vegetables on a plate.

4. When the salmon lays alone in the fyring pan you take 2 tablespoons of ‘Thai red cooking sauce’ and let it cook together with the salmon. You choose how long you want to fried the salmon.

5. Place it on a plate and it’s ready for serving


I took a little salt, pepper and chives on the salmon.
This was for one person and I hope you like this too.

– Bon Appétit –