Car tips for road trip

I wanted to share this post when we were on the road trip in Europe, but WordPress wouldn’t cooperation with my phone when we arrived in Italy, so therefore I have to post this post later than expected. This was the text I wanted to share in this post: Since we have been on a road trip in Europe as a vacation this year, I wanted to share some tips with you which can be good to have when you are going on a road trip for so long.

Trash bag in the car

It’s clever to have a trash bag in your car. Every time you drive thru a gas station, you probably going to buy something and therefore it’s so clever to have it so you don’t need to throw out the window etc. We had a trash bag in our car when you were driving.


It can be clever to have a pillow with you if you are going to take a little nap at a gas station or something. Daniel had a pillow which he used when he stopped to take a nap. There was two night he was driving all night where we took maybe 15 minutes here and there to take a nap.


If you go to a mom (with little baby’s) and ask if they have wipes, you probably going to get one. They have it in their bag because they need it for the little one. We have a lot to learn from these ladies! We had wipes in the car because we didn’t know when we needed it and if we needed it, we hade wipes to wash our hands after eating ice cream etc. So clever!!

Suncream in the car

Oh yeah, guys! Did you know that you need suncream even if you’re in a car?. I got sunburned thru the window! So remember to have at least one suncream in the car and remember to use it!

Charger to your phone

This is probably a dumb point, but I share it anyway. This is a good thing to have even if you’re on a road trip or are home. You don’t know when you need a charger. If you have it in your car, perhaps one of your friends need to charge their phone, and you can save them! Haha.

Mini fridge and drinks

In the beginning, we both bought two bottles each. It didn’t take long before we understood that it was better when we bought one bottle each since we didn’t have a mini-fridge. We couldn’t buy chocolate because it would melt before we got back to the car. Haha.

Products for the car

When we drove down to the south, it had come a lot of insects at the front of the car. So it is a good thing to have products to remove it. If you don’t have it in your car, you need to buy it. I promise you, you’re gonna need it. We got more insects when we were driving thru Germany because it was no speed limit.

Tools for the car

Tools are gold worth on a trip like this. Daniel got a little loose cover under the car down the road, so it was great if we had tools, but the only thing he had to remove the cover with was a razor blade. So keep in mind that tools can be very good to have on a trip like this. Haha. You never know when things are going to happen.

Take a break

Breaks are incredibly important. Without rest, you will not be able to drive. So it’s important to stop along the way and sleep or check in at a hotel at night. We checked in at a hotel, but we had two nights in the car which we slept for about 30 minutes before we drove on. If you are are on a road trip with your friends, it may be good to change driver in between. On our road trip, Daniel was driving all the time because I could not drive at night because I get sleepy and during the day there was a lot of traffic, so I did not dare. I have a bad conscience for that, believe me.

Paper in the car

Paper is wise to have in your car if you spill something. You never know when you need paper and If you do not need the paper at the moment, you are very well-worn if you need it. Haha.


Let everyone come up with a song selection. Feel free to create a playlist that anyone can add music to. We made a playlist of different songs and sometimes we played Donkeyboy. Had been very bored if only one person was playing songs while the others only had to listen. It’s not so much fun for anyone when there’s such a bored mood in the car.

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