Bonjour madame

Hello! We are now sitting at the hotel in Enghien-Les-Bains, France. I am sorry because of the quality of the pictures, but my Macbook is sent to a service place and my Windows PC don’t like to edit photography – and the memory at my Windows computer aren’t big enough. Therefore it isn’t going so well for the blog right now.

We have arrived in France, nearby Paris. When I am finished updating you, we are going to find a place to eat and explore more of this city. The room we got was very nice and big, and it had a balcony with a lovely view! This is a 4 star hotel, and the price wasn’t so bad either – around 1500 kr.

Here are some pictures from the little city we found in Germany yesterday.

Yesterday we had to drive to a Toyota shop in Germany to buy two new rear tires, since the old ones were worn out. We found a little place called Schweinfurt, there we bought ice cream, ate lunch and I bought new shoes. Since I’d gotten sore of the old shoes I got with me (flip-flops).. So now I wear the new ones all the time!

My mood was getting less happy because my computer will not edit my photos since I’m addicted to editing. Therefore I was thought to let this be a little update for now. I am going to take a shower now and dress up before we are going out to explore more of this lovely city. Hope you had a lovely day so far and I hope you get a lovely evening too.

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