A little update

Hello from Cannes, France! Right now we are laying on the beach and waiting for the sun to shine again. It was actually raining this morning, even though there were only a few drops. So we are going to enjoy this day at the beach before we are going to eat dinner later on. ☀️

Yesterday we went to a tattoo shop and I decided to take a tattoo. I have been thinking a lot if I wanted to take that tattoo, but yesterday I decided to go for it. The reason why I wanted to have I AM is that of the word itself is so meaningful. It is a reminder of what I am. I AM good enough. I AM a good person. I AM smart enough. I AM funny enough and no one can tell me how I should be because it’s just one of me and it’s my life!

Yesterday we had a little shopping day, so we didn’t go to the beach. We didn’t shop so much of clothing, but a tattoo and make-up to our friends. When we lay on the beach until 5 pm, we didn’t get so much time to shopping since they closed early. This is my fault because I want to lay on the beach so long as I can, every day. Haha.

Yesterday, when we walked along the pier we saw this huge boat. This boat has a gym, a bathroom for her and a bath for him, whirlpool and pool, spa department etc. Imagine staying in something like that !? Continue dreaming everyone. The sun is shining now, talk to you later! 🙂

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