5 things you probably didn’t know about me.

A new list of things you probably didn’t know about me, or do you know me this well? Scroll down to find out!

I’m taking care of all boxes.

I’m not kidding when I’m saing that I’m taking care of all the boxes that comes with things I buy. I put all boxes on the attic and have it there to I sell the product or to I throw the product away. I’m actually taking care of the plastic around the products as well.

I love boxes.

I have to pack things in boxes. Even if there is Birthdays, Christmas, Confirmation etc, I have to pack the gift in a box – no gift without. Haha. I have always been like this. It was a Christmas time when I took care of around 30 boxes in different sizes. I took care of the boxes from march to desember. Those boxes was not going to be throwing away.

I use glasses.

Yes. As a little child I had to use a patch on the eye, something I got bullied for. It all ended with me stopping with the patch and that I hid my glasses in a flower pot. In the end I forgot that I had hid my glasses there and I found them again when we was moving to another place. I regret it now.

I could not say ‘R’ as a child.

This was also something I was got bullied for, but eventually I learned to say ‘R’ on a vacation – after I’ve listened to a song called ‘Ice – Can’t get over you’. I don’t remember the year, but I’ve learned eventually! I may have been annoying when I first could say ‘R’, but what a lovely feeling!

I’ve had short hair, very short.

The year was 2011 when I had short hair. When I say short hair, I mean like short hair that boys have. I was tired of my worn out hair and I missed my natural hair color. The hair grow back out so therefore I haven’t had such a big problem to cut my hair. Except last year when I cut my hair to the shoulders, then I regretted it – because at that time I started to get long hair. Hair grow back again anyway. So yes – let it grow!

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