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Holding hands

When I’m holding hands with someone, I need to have my hand under the person’s hand I’m holding. If you know what I trying to say here? I don’t fancy holding my hand over the other person’s hand, I don’t get how others do that!

All the remote controls upside down.

It’s always funny to tell people why I turn my remote controls upside down. I turn them upside down because of the dust. When they are turned upside down, I don’t need to clean them every month. Really smart if you first think of it, isn’t it?

I have to lay on my side.

I have to lay on my side every time I’m going to sleep, nothing else works for me. When I lay on my side, it’s always the left side. Wierd? Yes, I know.. Everyone has their own taste tho.

Volume on the TV

When I turn the volume on the TV, It has to be round numbers. Don’t tell me to turn the volume at 13! I can turn the volume at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 etc. I’ve always been like this, and sometimes it can be quite annoying for other people, including me. I know others who need to have the volume at even numbers.

Music, Music, Music

If I really love a song, I play it on repeat for many many many many days. Of course, I only play it on repeat when I’m alone, cuz it is too annoying for others. If I can ask them around me to play it once, and they agree to it, it’s the best feeling ever!.

Today Daniel and I have just relaxed, eaten and been taking 30 minutes of sun at Brun & Blid. It’s great to warm up a bit before we leaving next Sunday. Daniel has been working all Saturday in a month now, so it was good to wake up next to him today. Rest of the day, we are going to relax, watch some TV, clean the house a bit and enjoy each others company. Have a great evening everyone! 🙂

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