I don’t give up

In the last post, I wrote about counting calories. Monday this week, I was going to start counting calories, but I failed. I was eating so much and I got wild when it came to chocolate… I feel bad. Poor me… But I don’t give up, so tomorrow, I’m going to try again. I’m also going to take pictures of every meal I eat, like a food diary. So on Friday, I can post all my meals from the week, maybe it will be easier in the beginning when I do it like this.

Yesterday I was so full, and I’ve gained all the weight I lost from January to March this year, so I need to lose it again. It’s going to be hard, but I have to do it for my body. I don’t feel comfortable in my own body, and we all should feel comfortable in our own body. I haven’t felt that in many years, so I hope I will get there one day. 2019 wasn’t my year, so I hope 2020 will be my year and I’m going to give it an early start. Hehe.

The good thing is that my boyfriend supports me on this, which make it much easier if I can have a little bit of self-control and don’t eat everything I see.

These steps worked for me and it might not work for you

Before I dive into this post I just want to say that these steps worked for me and it might not work for you. I have struggled with my weight as long as I can remember and I still do. I have said that I count calories because that’s what’s working for me. January 2019, I started counting calories and I lost 6 kg just in January and then 3 or 4 kg in February. The dumbest thing I did back then was to stop counting in March. Since then, I have gained weight again. So from Monday next week, I’m going to change that ( I cross my fingers). I need to be more healthy and stop drinking soda etc. I want to write down almost every day how I managed through the day. 

Scroll down to see the first step I found on the internet and from my own experience.

Realize you want to make a change

Yes, it’s true. If you don’t want it enough, you wouldn’t make it. In January 2019, I wanted so badly to change my lifestyle and count calories. Now, later on, I want to change my lifestyle again, but not enough. So I hope I want this enough from the next week!

Tell your loved ones

Tell your loved ones what you are going to do to change your lifestyle. I have chosen to count calories because that’s worked for me. Since I count calories, I have to make a plan for what I’m going to eat, so of course, If my family want to invite me on dinner, I have to take my own food with me. I know, it’s not so fun, but if it’s work for you, go for it. I Haven’t done it yet, but I have to do it if I am going to reach my goal. So next time I’m invited to dinner, I’m going to take my own food with me.

Pick your program/lifestyle

My sister lost a lot of weight last year, but she didn’t count calories as I did. She walked for hours and ate small plates of food. That’s what’s worked for her, and counting calories workes for me. Therefore, you need to choose something that works for you. We are twins, so yeah… so sad it didn’t work for both of us.

Write it down

I write down everything I eat. Yes, it’s boring and stuff, but I actually got a shock when I saw what and how much I was putting in my body. So it can be a good thing to write down things you eat in a day, even if you counting or not.

Become a planner

Become a planner when it comes to meals. I like to plan my week. Do I want some fish with vegetables to dinner on Monday? or do I want chicken with vegetables? What are you going to eat for lunch and breakfast?. Be a step forward and write down in the morning what you are going to eat that day. Be a little bit prepared. 

Drink water

Drinking a lot of water gives you more energy by refreshing your muscles and keeps fatigue away. Water keeps your skin looking naturally glowing and healthy-looking. If you are feeling hungry, drink one glass of water to feel more full. Water is a big helper if you want to lose weight and at the same time keep your body well. How? Read how water helps you to lose weight. Water helps you to remove toxins through kidneys and bladder, and it also prevents you from getting kidney stones.

”Drinking water is like washing out your insides. The water will cleanse the system, fill you up, decrease your caloric load and improve the function of all your tissues.” – Kevin R. Stone

A new bottle in the house

I bought a new bottle for two days ago. It’s so pretty and I’m looking forward to using it. This bottle is so elegant, so simple and clean. This bottle looks so pretty and you can get it in many sizes. You can also get it with an app, where it counts how many bottles of water you have drunk, isn’t that amazing or what? After I found the bottles from Equa, I want to switch out all the bottles I already have.

You can also put your logo on the bottle, so I am going to buy another bottle pretty soon with my signature. Haha, my boyfriend is going to kill me for this (just kidding, he’s a pretty cool and the most amazing person I have ever meet). But he won’t understand the point to have a lot of bottles, but yeah, it’s me… What can I say, I like bottles, even more, if they are pretty, simple and elegant.

According to my phone, I’m going to get the new bottle tomorrow. I cross my fingers for that to happen because I want that bottle now. I want to show the nice bottle to my friends and my family and hopefully, I’m probably going do drink some more water.

A girls weekend.

Hello to you and hello to Tuesday!. I wanted to write a little bit about the girls trip I went on last weekend with my girls. I got picked up from work by my twin sister, then we washed the car a little bit before we met up with Stine. After we had washed the car, we drove up to pick up our cousin Cathrine. Then it was time to hit the road. We had so much fun and we laugh so much in the car when we were driving up to the cabin. I just knew this weekend was going to be so great!

We played card and Yatzy Maxi. We also played a game called ‘‘idiot knowledge’’ – we laughed so hard that I got tears, haha. On Friday, we made Taco for dinner and ate some chips in the evening. We talked about old memories and showed each other some old pictures. That´s what I like, just sit there and talk about the old good days and just laugh with my friends. What a good time, and we need to do it again soon.

We drove in a nice, blue car!

We were lucky because we got the chance to loan a car from Toyota for the whole weekend which was a blue Camry. I liked the colour on it, but I didn’t like the light interior in the car. It isn’t me, but I can recommend it to people who like the light interior. Because we are girls, we had packed so much with us. Therefore, I can tell that this car has a great space in the luggage.


On Saturday we drove to Lillehammer to shop a little. We ate lunch at a place called ‘‘The pancake house’’. It was good food and I ate some few tiny weeny pancakes with a Kinder egg in the middle. Yammy. To dinner this day, we ate a really good dinner with potatoes, sauce, and meat. It was so good! Stine was the chef this day and she did an amazing job with the food. 

I woke up early both of the days so I tried being quiet while the girls were sleeping, and for breakfast, we ate a slice of bread with toppings. We stayed up late (I usually go to bed around 11 PM), and when we couldn’t hold our eyes up any longer, we went to bed. When I woke up so early, it was raining a little bit, but after maybe 30 minutes, it was snowing!.

I had so much fun girls, so let us do this again! Love you all xXx.

My plan this week

First of all, what a rainy week this has been and I hate it, but of course, rain is better than snow! When that being said, it’s finally Friday and my cousin, my sister, our friend and I are going to the cabin this weekend in Lillehammer! We are going to drive right after work today. So my sister is going to pick me up first and then we are going to pick up our friend and then our cousin. I have packed all my camera stuff and I’m so ready to take some cool pictures while we stay there.

I was on a little trip two weeks ago, where I was travelling with my boyfriend and some other friends. We had so much fun and we went out to the beautiful lake where we took some pictures and enjoyed the view near the cabin. At the evening we played some cards, made good food, laugh a lot and I went to bed early every day (welcome to the old me – haha).

Now, it’s time to be productive and get some work done before the weekend can start. I haven’t been so motivated this week and I hope that next week is going to be better. I hope your week has been great and that the rain hasn’t ruined your week.