Life is a game

Life is a game, where you have a deck of cards. Meaning of life is to play the cards which you think is best. Sometimes you win cards back, other times you lose some. So the meaning of life is to do the best out of it. A new day coming tomorrow and the world will still be here even if you are not. I think you have to enjoy life’s hourglass while it is still running .. We do not know when it’s going to stop!

What a lovely friday​!

Yesterday I took the train down to Oslo around eleven o’clock. I went to Toyota, where Daniel is working. I was there one hour before a good friend of mine was coming to Toyota to say hi. He is going at the school next to Toyota.

After Daniel was finished at work, we drove down to Mirabel, Sørenga. Since I am going to take some pictures for them in the restaurant and of the food, we were told to feel at home. So we were walking around in the restaurant to see the possibility of places to take good pictures.  And you know what? I think this is going to be great! I am looking forward to going a little bit crazy with my camera!

Since we were already at Mirabel, Sørenga we chose to have our dinner there. We have tried some different dishes (since we have been there a few times before), but yesterday we choose to take Pizza. I took the Amigos, which was Pepperoni, beef, tomato sauce, jalapeños, and pepper mix. I chose to remove jalapeñosen since I did not like it. Daniel took the Pizza Mirabel, which was salami, ham, meat dough, tomato sauce, mushroom, and paprika.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

The 3 tricks that helped me to drink more water

When I started being more mindful of my health, I picked up a few easy tricks that help me stay on track when it comes to drinking water. Once you make a habit of these, it’ll be like second nature! Keep reading to find out my three essentials!

There has been a whole month since I stopped drinking soda and it feels great. Of course, I am going to drink soda when we celebrate someone’s birthday but in small quantities. 


I try not to go anywhere without a bottle of water. Learning to keep yourself hydrated is crucial! It does wonders for pretty much every part of your body —from your skin to your colon (not to mention it helps with weight loss)!


In our house, we have always seven bottles with cold water in the fridge. It makes me drink more water because if I am going to drink water, it has to be cold. Haha. Try it yourself!


Don’t have soda in your house! It is so easy to grab the soda instead of water if you open your fridge. Do you self a favor by don’t buy them and do not take them home with you dolls!. 

This has happened since the previous post.

Hello September, Hello Saturday and hello to you dolls! The sun is shining and at the moment there are no clouds outside – and it does something about the mood! 🙂

Since my last post, I have come a long way at the sweater I started to knit. So now the arms are set on what’s called front-and-back of the sweater and now I’m going to start on the pattern. I really hope that the pattern is going to be good this time and that it will not get tight – and if that’s fine, I hope to use it when I’m done. I’m looking forward to!

So I hope it will be finished in a week or two! Hihi. Now I’ll continue to knit, so go out and enjoy this Saturday and what it has to offer.

New Project

I’ve done it before and want to try it again. I have started to knit my 3rd sweater. The first sweater I started to knit is called Marius sweater and as my 2nd sweater I chose to knit was Vendela. Yes… I started at a high level. Haha.

Marius sweater.

I thought I never was going to finish this sweater, so I took some colors that people usually don’t choose… Black, gray and neon green. Haha. I did finish this sweater, but if I’m going to wear it or not, I don’t know.

Vendela sweater in light color. 

As 2nd sweater, I choose to knit the Vendela sweater. This I think I managed very well until I saw that I had knitted the pattern a little tight. It was a sad feeling when I finished. So I’ll try to get it out and hope it will improve.

Vendela sweater in dark color. 

Now I have started on a new project, which is a new Vendela sweater in dark colors. I hope this will be better than the previous Vendela sweater. I also knit in a different yarn than the previous Vendela sweater. So I cross my fingers and hope for the best!

Carbs, is it good for you?

According to Dr. Xand van Tulleken:

Low-carb diets have been around for a while. But do you know the color of the carbs you eat also matters – and as Dr. Xand van Tulleken explains, it’s the beige ones you really have to watch out for.

As we discover in “the truth about carbs”, carbohydrates are one of the way our bodies get energy from food. But here are three types – starch, sugar, and fiber.

Starch is what we usually understand as carbs to mean – foods like bread, pasta, potatoes and rice – but these “beige” varieties aren’t good for you. Neither are “white” carbs – found in sugary food such as fizzy drinks, sweets and processed and refined food including cakes and biscuits. Most of the starch and sugar in these beige and white carbs are broken down into glucose for energy, and if you eat too much, the glucose is stored as fat.

But there is another type of carb – dietary free, found in fruit and vegetables – what we might call “green carbs”. It keeps you full, slows stomach emptying, and is usually the part of the plant that supplies you with vitamins and minerals. It’s good for your teeth and gums and good for your guts, keeping everything moving and feeding your gut bacteria.


Flour, rice, potatoes, pasta, breakfast cereals and other processed grains. White or highly processed brown bread.


Cauliflower rice, celeriac, sweet potatoes. Rye or pumpernickel bread.


Eggs, meat, fish, nuts and legumes. And half of each dish should be green or brightly colored: fresh vegetables, salad greens, tomatoes and aubergines.

Take pictures and share them.

One day something really cool can happen! Yesterday was that one day. But before I tell you about last nights evening, I want to say that I didn’t get the chance to try my jacket because it stopped raining.

Now I am going to tell about the title of this blog post. Yesterday Daniel and I went out to dinner since we were going to celebrate that he has moved his address to my apartment, so now, we are officially living together. So we went to Mirabel, Sørenga. We have been there one time before, and they have good food and the people who work there is so nice and take good care of the costumers. 

.. 🙊 .. 🙊 ..

Since I am a blogger and like taking pictures and see myself as a self-learned photograph, I took pictures of the food. When we were sitting there, I sent the pictures to the restaurant on Facebook. After a while, I saw the owners look at the phone, swipes to the side and look at me and point at me and at that time I knew that they had seen the pictures. I didn’t believe they would see the pictures before later that night.

They come to our table and ask me if my last name is Sandberg and if I had taken that pictures. Yes, I answered. They asked if I was a photographer and I said I was a self-learned photograph. They asked us if could take a talk when we had paid. After we had paid, we walked to them for a little chat.

They said that they wanted me to take pictures of the restaurant, where they are going to make dinner so I can take pictures of them, and they are going to say it to the chef and make them ready. I am going to get paid or a gift card. It’s my choice. 

It’s so fun and nice when people use my pictures and when they see my pictures and like them. It’s a very good feeling. So next time when you’re out to eat, take pictures and maybe you»re going to be asked the same thing as I did :). So one day when it’s sun and nice weather, I am going to have a photoshoot at Mirabel and the food is at the house. So fantastic and what a good feeling.

I have to laugh about my self

I have to laugh about my self. I wrote a blog post yesterday were I said that I don’t fancy the rain. It’s raining today as well, but now I want to go out and try the new jacket I bought from my twin sister, haha. It was raining earlier today, and then the sun came, but now it’s finally raining again! I hope it still rains when Daniel comes home so we can go out and do what we have planned, which I am going to tell later! 🙂

Have a nice day dolls!! 

Rainy days..

What a rainy day this has been. I have been inside most of the time, but around 2 o’clock I met my twin sister and my aunt child at the mall.

I hate rainy days and I have hated it as long as I can remember. Perhaps it’s because I don’t like to be wet unless it’s my choice. Haha. Weird? Yes, I know!. For like a year ago, my twin sister asked me to join her running outside, in the rain. It’s great to run when it rains she said. It was not fun at all. Haha! I was so glad when we was finished running, so I could take a long and warm shower. Haha.

Do you know this guy?

I like to listen to music and sometimes it can be a pain in the ass to be around me when I have found my new favorite song. 

Today when I was working on my computer I played a playlist on Spotify, called Rainy day. That playlist had a lot of good music and after listening to some artists, there is this one artist… This guy is Galvin James, and yes, I know this song was released April 13, 2018 (if you didn’t know it already). I have already played it a lot today, and I am still going to play it again tomorrow when I wake up. The problem with me is that when I get hooked on a song, I can listen to it in a month or two, without playing other songs. Haha!

I’ve always been like this, but know I want to share the song with you dolls!

Name of the song is: Always.
Release date: April 13, 2018
Genre: Pop

’Always’ is all about loss for me, it was about ending a relationship last year and then Immediately regretting it, so it’s pretty apologetic as a tune. However, the song can have a lot of different meanings and I’m excited for people to listen to it and make their mind up themselves about what it means to them.

Gavin James.

Who are the most important people in your family?

I was looking at my friend’s facebook profile and then I found this article. This article was about who is the most important person in the family.

And then I want to ask you, who is the most important person in the family? If you are a parent, then you probably going to answer your kids, but what it is about your kids that gives them that status? There is no reasonable thing that gives your children that status.

The most important person in an army is the general. The most important person in a corporation is the CEO. The most important person in a classroom is the teacher. The most important person in a family is the parent. Without them, their kids wouldn’t eat well, live in a nice home, enjoy the great vacations, have the nice clothing they wear, and so on. They have given their kids a home and a family. They have raised their kids and because of the parent, their children have become what they are today.

This is a little text from the article, which you can find here.

This is what I’ve done today

It’s Monday. It’s a new week with new opportunities! The week is like a white paper, where you can color it how you want it to be. So today, at this moment, I am with my twin sister and my aunt child after walking for like 3 hours :). Great, great, great start at the week! For the rest of the day, I am going to relax, eat a good dinner and wash clothes. Have a nice day dolls! 🙂

Here is 11 Moves To Get Rid Of A Muffin Top

When I want to workout, I like to have a plan. If you are like me and like to have a plan too, but are for lazy to make one – Relax, I’m here to help you Dolls!. So now, you have no excuse to not working out. Haha. I give you 11 exercises, so scroll down to look at those!

11 Moves To Get Rid Of A Muffin Top

I did it for the first time in a long time.

On Monday I was working out with my twin sister Annette. Running was on my workout plan this day, and I actually ran 5 km, without break! WITHOUT BRAKE! I haven’t done that in a long time, so it was a good feeling! When I had run 2 km, I started to get hold, but if I had stopped to take a little break Then it would have ruined my whole workout. After I had ran 5 km, I sat on the treadmill and drank water. If you run on a treadmill with hold and without drinking water, then you know it’s hard.

Why having a twin sister is the best thing ever

Some may say that having a twin sister is both a blessing and a curse. Being a twin can have its downfalls, but I will always appreciate having someone to lean on. Not only have I made a best friend, but I have also grown and matured into my own person. My sister has shown me what unconditional love feels like and I cannot thank her enough.

As my life has gone on, I’ve realized just how lucky I am to be a twin. There are so many things being a twin has thought me about life, and I want to share some of them with you dolls! And I want to share somethings only we twins understand. Haha.

Baby pictures

This is so funny! Every time you look at baby pictures, you often have absolutely no idea which one is you. Haha! Our mom and dad dressed us alike, so Unless I had one black and one white shoe, I can’t see who is me, haha!


Your friends are obsessed with looking at old photos to see if they can tell you who is who and If they haven’t already met your twin, they’re obsessed with meeting her.

What it’s like

You’ve been asked approximately 1,389,908,909 times what it’s like to be a twin and every time I answer that I do not know how it’s like to not be a twin. Haha.

Who you are

When a random stranger inexplicably seems to know who you are, you aren’t creeped out because you know they’re most likely just friends with your twin. Haha! That has happened so much and every time it happens, it is still fun to pretend that you’re your twin.

To have someone

You know what it’s like to have someone who has been through Every. Single. awkward phase with you and it’s oddly comforting because you simply can’t imagine what your life would be like without a partner in crime. Yup, you two were meant to be together.

I love you sis!!! <3

The one thing that ruined my work out

I was working out yesterday and I ran 5 km, but with some minutes break (maybe 5 minutes totally) because I drank a little sip of water when I had run almost 4 km. The water did ruin my work out because I had no problem running, but right after I drank, I got a hold when running. I know that it is important to drink water when working out, but next time, I would wait until I finish running.

How I feel about going back to work

Last week I got back to work after almost 6 months home. I am coming slowly back to work by working 7,5 hours in a week and later on I will go more and more back to work. For now, I am working two days to lunch time and then I go home and sometimes I am working one day a week.

Last week I was working with my co-worker Jørgen. It was good to see him again since it has been a while since I last saw him. Jørgen and I are a very good team, we are working fast and the funny is that he’s having birthday the same day as me, and we are at the same age!

Today I have been working with my co-worker Frode (the guy on the picture). I worked a full day since the work we were going to do took more than three hours. We started the day by driving to pick up scaffold since we needed it on the job we were working on. None of us had ever mounted a scaffold before, so it was going to be fun. Haha. We started to mount and after a while, we ended up searching on Youtube for how to mount a scaffold. Haha. After we finished mounting the scaffold, we took a late lunch break. The day has gone so fast and we have used almost the whole day mounting the scaffold, I felt I did nothing much today. Haha.

Do you hate hangovers?

We all have been there when you have a fun night out with your friends and there is alcohol involved. It is very funny that night, but the next day – ohh.. you probably regret how much alcohol you drank. Haha. Trust me, I’ve been there! But don’t panic guys, because I have the answer for you!

I have learned by drinking and get hangovers and I don’t often drink anymore, but when I do I am very good at drinking a big glass of water between the drinks. When I do this, I can go to sleep when I get home without puking. That is a good feeling and the feeling the next day is even better! So try this next time you have a fun night out, I promise this will help because you need to drink more than you’re peeing so you don’t get dehydrated. It’s so simple! So go out and have fun and thank me later dolls! Haha.

Car tips for road trip

I wanted to share this post when we were on the road trip in Europe, but WordPress wouldn’t cooperation with my phone when we arrived in Italy, so therefore I have to post this post later than expected. This was the text I wanted to share in this post: Since we have been on a road trip in Europe as a vacation this year, I wanted to share some tips with you which can be good to have when you are going on a road trip for so long.

Trash bag in the car

It’s clever to have a trash bag in your car. Every time you drive thru a gas station, you probably going to buy something and therefore it’s so clever to have it so you don’t need to throw out the window etc. We had a trash bag in our car when you were driving.


It can be clever to have a pillow with you if you are going to take a little nap at a gas station or something. Daniel had a pillow which he used when he stopped to take a nap. There was two night he was driving all night where we took maybe 15 minutes here and there to take a nap.


If you go to a mom (with little baby’s) and ask if they have wipes, you probably going to get one. They have it in their bag because they need it for the little one. We have a lot to learn from these ladies! We had wipes in the car because we didn’t know when we needed it and if we needed it, we hade wipes to wash our hands after eating ice cream etc. So clever!!

Suncream in the car

Oh yeah, guys! Did you know that you need suncream even if you’re in a car?. I got sunburned thru the window! So remember to have at least one suncream in the car and remember to use it!

Charger to your phone

This is probably a dumb point, but I share it anyway. This is a good thing to have even if you’re on a road trip or are home. You don’t know when you need a charger. If you have it in your car, perhaps one of your friends need to charge their phone, and you can save them! Haha.

Mini fridge and drinks

In the beginning, we both bought two bottles each. It didn’t take long before we understood that it was better when we bought one bottle each since we didn’t have a mini-fridge. We couldn’t buy chocolate because it would melt before we got back to the car. Haha.

Products for the car

When we drove down to the south, it had come a lot of insects at the front of the car. So it is a good thing to have products to remove it. If you don’t have it in your car, you need to buy it. I promise you, you’re gonna need it. We got more insects when we were driving thru Germany because it was no speed limit.

Tools for the car

Tools are gold worth on a trip like this. Daniel got a little loose cover under the car down the road, so it was great if we had tools, but the only thing he had to remove the cover with was a razor blade. So keep in mind that tools can be very good to have on a trip like this. Haha. You never know when things are going to happen.

Take a break

Breaks are incredibly important. Without rest, you will not be able to drive. So it’s important to stop along the way and sleep or check in at a hotel at night. We checked in at a hotel, but we had two nights in the car which we slept for about 30 minutes before we drove on. If you are are on a road trip with your friends, it may be good to change driver in between. On our road trip, Daniel was driving all the time because I could not drive at night because I get sleepy and during the day there was a lot of traffic, so I did not dare. I have a bad conscience for that, believe me.

Paper in the car

Paper is wise to have in your car if you spill something. You never know when you need paper and If you do not need the paper at the moment, you are very well-worn if you need it. Haha.


Let everyone come up with a song selection. Feel free to create a playlist that anyone can add music to. We made a playlist of different songs and sometimes we played Donkeyboy. Had been very bored if only one person was playing songs while the others only had to listen. It’s not so much fun for anyone when there’s such a bored mood in the car.

It’s just a few days

You’re in Hamburg, Germany with your mate. You were leaving Friday night. It’s just for a few days. but for me, there may be an eternity especially when I am used to sleeping in your arms and wake up every day with you by my side. When I wake up with you every day, it is so different to wake up without you.

You are coming home tomorrow. Home to me again. It going to be so good to finally sleep in your arms again and feel that you holding around me. We are a good team. We complement each other and we have come to the point that we know where the boundaries go. We understand each other. We are talking about things, even if there is about our relationship, how our day has been and other things. We fix things right away if something comes up. And most of all, we love each other 💕

I am looking forward to seeing you, hug you and kiss you when you’re walking through the door tomorrow. I’m looking forward to our reunion and the idea that when you come home tomorrow, maybe it’s going to be a while before you’re traveling again. I can, therefore, woke up with you every day and sleep in your arms every night. See you tomorrow 💕

Viva La France!

Hello and good morning! Right now, we are sitting in the car and has driven away from Cannes! I have so many things I want to write about, but for now, I am going to tell you about yesterday. It was so insane and it’s cool that we got the chance to be a part of it.

I forgot my DSLR camera in our apartment we stayed in, so, therefore, I had to take pictures with my phone, which I am not a fan of. I should have take the camera with me because it had been some amazing pictures!

I know there was a lot of people who were seeing the football game between France and Croatia. Lucky as we were, we actually got to be a part of the celebration in France. I have never seen so many people and so much happiness, tears, and smiles in my life! I am not kidding when I say that the whole town was going wild and never have I seen someone be so happy to be in a traffic jam. Haha. Really wonderful to be a part of the celebration!

A little update

Hello from Cannes, France! Right now we are laying on the beach and waiting for the sun to shine again. It was actually raining this morning, even though there were only a few drops. So we are going to enjoy this day at the beach before we are going to eat dinner later on. ☀️

Yesterday we went to a tattoo shop and I decided to take a tattoo. I have been thinking a lot if I wanted to take that tattoo, but yesterday I decided to go for it. The reason why I wanted to have I AM is that of the word itself is so meaningful. It is a reminder of what I am. I AM good enough. I AM a good person. I AM smart enough. I AM funny enough and no one can tell me how I should be because it’s just one of me and it’s my life!

Yesterday we had a little shopping day, so we didn’t go to the beach. We didn’t shop so much of clothing, but a tattoo and make-up to our friends. When we lay on the beach until 5 pm, we didn’t get so much time to shopping since they closed early. This is my fault because I want to lay on the beach so long as I can, every day. Haha.

Yesterday, when we walked along the pier we saw this huge boat. This boat has a gym, a bathroom for her and a bath for him, whirlpool and pool, spa department etc. Imagine staying in something like that !? Continue dreaming everyone. The sun is shining now, talk to you later! 🙂

We meet again.

Hello! Right now, we are on our way to Cannes, France. Yesterday we checked in to a hotel in Salou, Spain. The hotel had a good location, but the only thing I have to say about that hotel is that it just had two sockets! How is it possible?

Lucky for us, I am a pessimistic person and I always think that plan A doesn’t work. Therefore it’s so great that I was a step ahead. I had therefore packed an extension cord which I had laid in the car! oh yes, it’s me we are talking about, Haha. What had you expected?

The first evening, we were very late to eat dinner because none of us was in the mood because of the socket and if the hotel was worth the money. Things like this can happen to everyone, but we did get the mood up! Things usually resolve when you are solution oriented and if you’re a proper planer! Haha.

Finally, I got the chance to try the new sunbed I bought in Spain. We had planned to be at the hotel to enjoy the sun, but I am so glad we did go to the beach instead. It was a lovely sand and the sun was shining already 7 am! The sun did not shine at the hotel before 12 pm, so I am so glad we chose the beach!

In the evening, we had planned to go out to eat dinner at a pizza restaurant, but they had Siesta, so we ended up at a restaurant called The Tropical. The tropical was a very nice restaurant with lovely workers. The waitress came from London and spoke British, and I liked the British accent, and she was a very cool girl! We sat at the restaurant until 10 pm before we went back to the hotel.

Vi ordered a hamburger, a chicken chest with fries, 3 ice cream, chicken nuggets as a snack and 6 drinks. All this came at 660 KR, which is very cheap for all this. Haha.

Now, I am going to enjoy the view and listening to some good music. I hope you have a great day and that you are getting a good evening.

Hello Murcia !

Hello from us in Murcia! We have moved to another hotel, which is very nice with a good view of the sea and a good location. This is a place I could go to when I am going on vacation, more than just a few days.

Since we both are sunburned, we choose to take a break from the sun which is good for our body. Haha. It has to be like this since we weren’t careful enough, but I hope we can go back to the beach tomorrow to enjoy the sun before we’re checking out of this hotel.

Yesterday when we were laying on the beach, I saw a lot of people who had a sunbed you could take with you wherever you go. When I saw it I was thinking that it had been perfect for me to have. Today I was lucky to find a shop which was selling beds like this. So now, I am a lucky owner of a sunbed I can take with me wherever I go! So the next time I go to the beach here in Norway, I am going to take this with me!

The hotel we checked in at is a 4 stars hotel with a good view out to the sea. It’s sad we just checked in for one night. The last two hotels we’ve checked in to has been great because they have been big and fine.

We are soon going out to eat dinner, explore the city and enjoy each others company. I hope you have a great day in Norway and that you also are lucky with the heat. Here we have been, it has been about 35 degree outside, which is great! 🙂

El varadero !

Hello! I haven’t been so good at updating the blog, but now I’m trying to blog from my phone. We have now arrived at El varadeo, Spain. We’re staying at a 4 star hotel and got a very big room and this place is fantastic. There is a lot of restaurants which has fish in the menu since it is nearby the sea. The city has siesta from 5 pm to 8 pm, so that is a little annoying.

We have been using this day at the beach, enjoyed the sun and relaxed. We were at the beach from 9 am to 5pm before we went back to the hotel. The siesta is over at 8pm so we’re going out to eat dinner now.

we got sunburned today, but we are using Aloe Vera and hope not to be sunburned tomorrow. Every time I am having a vacation, I get sunburned the first day, Haha!. Daniel is more sunburned than me, but the person who has a sunburned face are me! Haha!.

Daniel is showering and when he is finished, we are going to get ready to eat dinner.

Bonjour madame

Hello! We are now sitting at the hotel in Enghien-Les-Bains, France. I am sorry because of the quality of the pictures, but my Macbook is sent to a service place and my Windows PC don’t like to edit photography – and the memory at my Windows computer aren’t big enough. Therefore it isn’t going so well for the blog right now.

We have arrived in France, nearby Paris. When I am finished updating you, we are going to find a place to eat and explore more of this city. The room we got was very nice and big, and it had a balcony with a lovely view! This is a 4 star hotel, and the price wasn’t so bad either – around 1500 kr.

Here are some pictures from the little city we found in Germany yesterday.

Yesterday we had to drive to a Toyota shop in Germany to buy two new rear tires, since the old ones were worn out. We found a little place called Schweinfurt, there we bought ice cream, ate lunch and I bought new shoes. Since I’d gotten sore of the old shoes I got with me (flip-flops).. So now I wear the new ones all the time!

My mood was getting less happy because my computer will not edit my photos since I’m addicted to editing. Therefore I was thought to let this be a little update for now. I am going to take a shower now and dress up before we are going out to explore more of this lovely city. Hope you had a lovely day so far and I hope you get a lovely evening too.

Goodbye Norway!

This post is pre-written. So when you reading this post, we will be on the ship already. Either we’re sitting on deck and enjoying ourselves or we’re eating dinner. This is the first holiday with Daniel after we got from you and me to be us. The last six months with you have been amazing and I am looking forward to more months with you 💖.

I hope you all have a nice Sunday and that you get a good evening.
I will update you later 🙂.

It will be an exciting journey

What a beautiful day it was yesterday! The sun was shining and there were no clouds, so I enjoyed the sun to the fullest on my balcony! Lovely!

Tomorrow we’re leaving Norway to travel Europe. The days and weeks have gone so fast. I am looking forward to the trip, but it also frightens me a little, but it will be an exciting journey. Brand new lands will be experienced and explored, and with Daniel by my side <3. Hihi. I’ve finished packing and already ready to go. Daniel hasn’t begun to pack, Haha.

Have a nice night everyone, and I hope you had a wonderful day! It says that it going to be no clouds this weekend! – Have a nice weekend everyone!

Packing hacks I swear by

Packing for a trip can be daunting AF. But you guys know me—of course, I have a bunch of tips and tricks for organizing your luggage. Keep reading to get your suitcase in order so you can have a stress-free vacay!

Make a checklist

Make a checklist of everything you’ll need. Consider what activities you’ll be doing and all possible weather. Always bring more underwear and socks than you think you’ll need.

Multiple outfits

Bring items that can be worn more than once with multiple outfits. Keeping everything in the same color palette helps with this!

Leave a little extra room

Make sure you leave a little extra room in your bag, in case you buy anything!


Instead of fishing through your suitcase to find your cables, keep them together to save time.

Heavier items

Place heavier items (like shoes) along the walls of your luggage.

Inside your shoes

Pack your socks inside your shoes.

Laundry bag

Bring a mesh laundry bag to put your dirty clothes in.

Take a look inside my purse

I love an organized life and therefore I try to have it as organized as possible. I’m a very picky person when it comes to stuff.

My purse is from this site and you can get it in other colors too. It’s simple, practical, cute and you can choose your own text on it!. I have one bag in light blue which I use for my deodorant, toothbrush etc. I’m gonna order one in light pink when I get home from the trip through Europe. I still want to show you how organized I have it in those bags, so I am going to show you how I have it by showing you my bag.

I like them because I can have my own name on it, so it’s just mine!

In my light blue bag

What I have in it: Deodorant, hairbrush, pills, makeup remover, tooth cream etc

Here is what’s inside my light blue bag:
Deodorant / Toothbrush / Hairbrush / pill-box / Lightblue-bag / tooth cream / Parfym /

I like to have all my stuff in one place, so this bag is perfect and it easy to just put in a bag if you’re going somewhere. It’s the perfect size for me and my stuff, so I was very happy when I saw this on this site.

In my makeup bag

What I have in it: Mascara, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, eyebrow pen etc

What is in this bag:
Makeup remover / Mascara / Eyeliner / Eyebrow knife / Eyebrow brush / Tweezers / Blusher blush / Pencil sharpener / eyeshadow nude / Eyeshadow sleek / Eyeshadow sleek / Inglot palette / Eyeshadow grey / Eyeshadow white / Eyeshadow light grey / Eyeshadow purple / Foundation

Usually, I have the makeup remover from Simple because I think it is the best. I have many things in this bag, and yet there is still more space! I tried to find the last eyeshadow color, but I didn’t find it, so maybe it is out of the store.

What did I say, I love it organized 🙂

Spaghetti with scampi

Hello you! 💕

Daniel and I made a very good meal earlier this year, which I ‘d like to share with you guys. We ended up with spaghetti, scampi, red curry, and coco milk. This meal is something we’re going to make more often, and all the products are from the food store called Rema 1000 for under 100kr.

 If you’re going to make this recipe, you need:

🍝 Spaghetti 🍝 Scampi 🍝 Red curry paste 🍝 cocos milk

Warm up water in a boiler and when it cooks in the boiler, put the spaghetti in the boiler for 4 minutes ( we used products from Rema 100 – food under 100,-. Put oil and scampi in a frying pan. Put Red curry paste and cocos milk in the frying pan, and mix it together.

– Yummy! –

It’s simple, taste good and it’s cheap. So enjoy the dinner! 🙂

5 quick

Holding hands

When I’m holding hands with someone, I need to have my hand under the person’s hand I’m holding. If you know what I trying to say here? I don’t fancy holding my hand over the other person’s hand, I don’t get how others do that!

All the remote controls upside down.

It’s always funny to tell people why I turn my remote controls upside down. I turn them upside down because of the dust. When they are turned upside down, I don’t need to clean them every month. Really smart if you first think of it, isn’t it?

I have to lay on my side.

I have to lay on my side every time I’m going to sleep, nothing else works for me. When I lay on my side, it’s always the left side. Wierd? Yes, I know.. Everyone has their own taste tho.

Volume on the TV

When I turn the volume on the TV, It has to be round numbers. Don’t tell me to turn the volume at 13! I can turn the volume at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 etc. I’ve always been like this, and sometimes it can be quite annoying for other people, including me. I know others who need to have the volume at even numbers.

Music, Music, Music

If I really love a song, I play it on repeat for many many many many days. Of course, I only play it on repeat when I’m alone, cuz it is too annoying for others. If I can ask them around me to play it once, and they agree to it, it’s the best feeling ever!.

Today Daniel and I have just relaxed, eaten and been taking 30 minutes of sun at Brun & Blid. It’s great to warm up a bit before we leaving next Sunday. Daniel has been working all Saturday in a month now, so it was good to wake up next to him today. Rest of the day, we are going to relax, watch some TV, clean the house a bit and enjoy each others company. Have a great evening everyone! 🙂

Why did you choose to get broken now

Problem number one

Right now, I am writing on my work-computer, which is a windows. It’s not the same at all. I don’t like this computer and it’s so stupid to write on and every time I am going to push at the shift button, I push at the narrow -up button instead. Since I pushed at the narrow -up bottom instead, the marker jumps a line up and because of that, I start writing on the line above. It’s so annoying! It is a disappointment to write on windows computers. ( I am apologize to all of you who is an owner of a window-computer. )

In 2011 I bought a Macbook for the first time, and since then, I’ve always been an Apple owner. I like Apple products. Macbook is so great to use when you’re editing photos, and there is a lot of you who already know this. I really love to use Macbook and I will not go back to windows-computers. ( Except at my job, then I have to use a windows-computer )

It’s been almost 5 years since I replaced my old MacBook with a new one. My third Macbook. On that new Macbook I was going to save memories from my daily life. That Macbook was going to make me happy for many years, but now, it chose to break down. It shuts off every minute, so I can’t work on that Mac. Why did you choose to break down now, and right before our vacation? It’s so sad! I don’t find the bill either. I use to know where I have all the bills, but not now. I can’t deliver it at service without the bill.

First now, I can see how much the Macbook means to me and how much I use it on the daily basic. Why do you choose to break down now, right before the vacation?

Problem number two

The other problem I found out was that my blog doesn’t look the same on Windows-computers as it does on a Macbook. My blog is looking so much better on a Macbook or a mobile phone. It was so sad to find that out yesterday. The fonts aren’t the same either and they look better on a Macbook too. What a huge disappointment.

If you want to see my blog perfectly, I recommend you look at my blog on your phone or on a Macbook. So to all windows-owners, don’t use your computer, look on your phone instead.

I want my Macbook back. I. want. macbook. now!

He lost 40K!

He lost 40K in monopoly and not in real life! If I had lost so much money, I don’t know what I’d done. Maybe cried for a bit, then put my self together again and pay. For nothing else would been acceptable. Sunday was a perfect day for monopoly since it rained most of the day, and there were some lightning and thunder too.

Franklin Mint Edition Monopoly, this stunning Collector’s Edition is a tribute to the rich history and quality of The Franklin Mint. The dazzling features include a beautiful wood cabinet, premium game components, and 18K gold-plated game pieces. The Collector’s Edition is fully authorized by Hasbro and The Franklin Mint, and truly is a must-have for Monopoly enthusiasts.

I won over Daniel. Hihi. Now it’s time to do something else, have a nice day everyone!

I went to the gym.

Hello you and hello Wednesday! Today I haven’t done so much, just watched TV (Revenge Body – Kholé Kardashian) and slept a bit. My dad has a dog named Balder. Balder has been with me today since my dad could not have Balder at work because my dad was on a course. Around 8 0’clock, I decided to go to the gym. I burned around 600 calories on the treadmill – at the end, I got a small wound on my foot but I am happy with the effort I did in the gym! Now it’s bedtime! Sleep well, everyone!.

You are your own boss.

You owe no other people your happiness, love or kindness. You owe no one your life.

Too often, we live our lives according to what others expect from us. Parents, friends etc. You are the only one who know what to expect from you. What makes you happy? What’s your dreams? You are your own boss. It’s time to stand up for yourself. If you want to do something, do it. If you have a meaning of something, say it. If you don’t want to do what other people do, it’s okay, because it’s your life.

Never let anyone make you think you’re less valuable, because you’re not. You are valuable in your own way. We all are. What do you want to do with your life, it is up to you. Just be happy. Be kind to other people. If you’re not happy, do something about it, but don’t let other people down on the way. If you want to do something, you should do it because YOU want to do it, not because others want to.

We are born into this world with an ignorance of who we are, what happens, who is «me», where I am going?. There are so many people who we learn from. Parents, friends, siblings etc. Experiences along the way as we grow shape us. All that happen to us, is affecting us, and it can affect us in a bad or good way. It is up to you, because, you are your own boss.

Every day we can choose to be kind or to hate.
I choose to be kind. What do you choose?

What I did on monday

Hi! What a lovely day this has been! I have enjoyed the sun, as always. On Monday I had a meeting with my doctor around 9:00 am. My sister, Annette Elvira was nice and drove me down to Oslo. After the meeting with the doctor, Annette and I went to the mal with two friend of us, Stine and Joakim, to shop bikinis and food for the day.

We had planned to drive to Hvervenbukta to enjoy the sun, each other’s company and eat good food. When we drove, we agreed to drive to Ingerstrand instead. There wasn’t so many people there when we arrived, but after a while, there came more people. There only thing I hated was the wind, it blew a lot.

After all, it was a lovely day filled with good people, good weather, good food and good times. Before we went back home, we drove to Holmlia to see the apartment Stine and Joakim has bought. It was a quiet nice little place. I think Stine and Joakim is going to thrive at that place.

Nice day in Oslo

I feel the week is moving fast. Tomorrow, there is just 1 month until Daniel and I are traveling to Europe. 1 month! the months are flying by so fast. I’m looking forward to the day we are sitting in the car with our bags. When I speak about time, the sun is shining and I am going to enjoy the sun when it’s finally here! We have been so lucky to have so many sunny days these weeks, but vi do not know when it’s going to be gone. Today, my twin sister, my aunt child and I have been enjoying the sun, so lovely! 💕

We went down to the city around 9 o’clock because we wanted to enjoy the sun, eat a good lunch and enjoy each other’s company. When we arrived, we were sitting in a park called Bjølsen, before we went down to Akerselva and enjoyed the sun at a place called Myraløkka. My twin sister Annette had a meeting around 1 o’clock, so we had time to eat lunch, enjoy the sun, and meet a good friend named Stine. This day has been great!

Now it’s dinner time! I am going to watch home and away when I eat. Haha. I have no plans for the rest of the day, so I am going to relax and watch TV. Lovely! Daniel is in Sweeden today to pick up a friend, so he won’t be home before the night. Hope your day has been great and I hope you have enjoyed the sun today. 🙂

Hello you!

Finally the sun is back, and there isn’t so many clouds at the sky! Lovely! Today, I have been on a meeting nearby my apartment. Since it was nearby, I choose to walk to the meeting in the lovely weather. It took me like 15 minutes to talk, haha. It was good to feel the sun again, even though it has been very hot without the sun out.

I am always the target

I haven’t done much today and it felt great! I went outside for a little walk, but that’s all. There have been more clouds today than yesterday, so I didn’t see a reason to relax at my balcony. I brought my camera as well, so I took some pictures. Outfit pictures, but I hate taking outfit pictures because I feel ugly and I’m not a fashion person, but I wanted to give it a try anyway. As the boring person I am, I choose black and white. lol.

Today’s Outfit!

I really hate mosquitos and for some reason, I am always the target. I got bitten by a mosquito night to Sunday and I got a big lump in the forehead, a really big one! It is hard for me to sleep in the night if I know or hear a mosquito in our apartment. When Daniel comes home, we are going to start with dinner, I’m hungry! Haha.

Did you have a good start to the week?

Smart ass is about to meet bad ass

The weather never stops to surprise! Since the sun is shining, I try to enjoy the sun to the fullest. Yesterday I stayed in the sun as long as I could, before I had to get ready for the night out. Daniel and I had a little date with a lovely dinner at Aker Brygge, before we went to see a movie.We had a date earlier this month, but that was at another restaurant at Aker Brygge.

Jamie’s Italian

We first looked at two different restaurants, Skur 33 and Olivia, but both of them were full. In the end, we ended up at Jamie’s Italian which is at Aker Brygge. When we arrived, we got table outside in the nice weather. I’ve never been at Jamie’s Italian before, so this was the first time for me.

We both ordered pizza. Daniel took a ‘‘Red Rocket’’ and I took an ‘‘Italian hot’’. It was a lovely dinner, and I want to go back to this place again. It’s so nice to do things like this sometime with someone you love, to just enjoy a good dinner and each other’s company.

Yesterday we didn’t have much time (according to me), so I forgot to take a picture with Daniel. I have bad conscience for that, but a good thing is that we see each other every day, therefore we can take pictures together whenever we want to. Hihi.

Smartass is about to meet badass

After a lovely dinner at Jamie’s Italian, we went to a place called Nydalen to see a movie – Deadpool 2. What a funny movie! I’ve got so hooked to one of the songs from the film. Celine Dion – Ashes.

Marvel’s motormouth mercenary is back! Bigger, better and occasionally more pantless than ever before. When a super soldier arrives on a murderous mission, Deadpool is forced to think about friendship, family and what it really means to be a hero – all while kicking 50 shades of ass.

Now I’m going to enjoy the sun, even though the sky is covered with more clouds today than yesterday.

I hate you

Now that summer is in full swing, our worst outdoor enemy is back. They invade your home, whine incessantly in your ears, steal your blood and leave behind an itchy reminder of their deed.

Mosquitoes are nasty and highly irritating bugs that can ruin an otherwise perfect time. Did you know that mosquitoes have got eyeballs that let them see from almost every angle. So when they sense motion — like your deadly hand getting ready to close in — they’re on it, sending a signal from the little brain to wing muscles that results in a much quicker reaction than any human, simply because we’re bigger.

Mosquitoes don’t target everyone equally. There are a number of things that can influence how attracted mosquitoes are to you, including genetics. But a number of particularly unfair mosquito attractants include being pregnant, working out, having type O blood or even drinking beer. One more reason to working out, being pregnant or being drunk guys, what’s your choose?.

Go away and let me be alone! If you’re near me, I swear I would kill you!.

The sunscreen I use

I really love the weather these days! It’s so good to just lay in the sun and relax, drink a cold drink and listen to music. This makes me look more forward to the trip Daniel and I are going to this vacation! I can’t get enough of the warmth and sunny days. I love the summer and since I like to enjoy the sun, I need protection.

I love the products Piz Buin. The products smell so good and I have always used that sunscreen. It is non greasy and non sticky. I also use spray sunscreen as well, from the same brand. I try not to use sunscreen in general, but when I do, I try to use a low factor. This summer I’ve tried to use a little higher factor, so now I am using 20 and 30. Don’t ask me why I haven’t used sunscreen in general, because I don’t know-but I know It protects the skin and therefore I try to use it more often, so I don’t get sunburned.

Three places at one day

This morning I’ve been visiting my grandmother in Oslo, they are leaving for Germany this afternoon to spend a couple of days there. Good to see them again before they were leaving. After I visited my grandmother, I went to my sister to have some lunch with her and say hi to my little aunt child Marie. Now Im enjoying the sun before I am taking the train in to Oslo to meet Daniel. We are going to his grandmother to celebrate her. Wish you all a great day! Places: Oslo, Lillestrøm & Drammen.

Beautiful day with Bae

Today Daniel and I have been on a little road trip to a place called Vollen. A cute little place nearby the sea. Since it was a beautiful and sunny day we bought ice cream and ate it when we were looking out to the sea. Those sunny days do something with the mood and it’s a good feeling. After we had ice cream, enjoyed the sun and each other’s company, we went back home to Daniel’s place to pick up some stuff before we went back home to our place to eat dinner.

Flower power and my love <3

For the rest of the night we are going to relax. Hope you had a nice day too 🙂

Ended the day with a great meal.

What an incredible weather we have now! I’m enjoying the sun to the fullest everyday now and yesterday I walked from Lillestrøm to Oslo. After walking down to Oslo, my boyfriend and I went down to Aker brygge to end the day with a good and lovely dinner <3.



I forgot to take my DSLR camera with me yesterday, so The quality isn’t the best. I’m not a fan of mobile photos. Thank you for an lovely day, bae ❤️. today I have used my time in the sun – enjoy it when it’s still here! 🙂.

5 things you probably didn’t know about me.

A new list of things you probably didn’t know about me, or do you know me this well? Scroll down to find out!

I’m taking care of all boxes.

I’m not kidding when I’m saing that I’m taking care of all the boxes that comes with things I buy. I put all boxes on the attic and have it there to I sell the product or to I throw the product away. I’m actually taking care of the plastic around the products as well.

I love boxes.

I have to pack things in boxes. Even if there is Birthdays, Christmas, Confirmation etc, I have to pack the gift in a box – no gift without. Haha. I have always been like this. It was a Christmas time when I took care of around 30 boxes in different sizes. I took care of the boxes from march to desember. Those boxes was not going to be throwing away.

I use glasses.

Yes. As a little child I had to use a patch on the eye, something I got bullied for. It all ended with me stopping with the patch and that I hid my glasses in a flower pot. In the end I forgot that I had hid my glasses there and I found them again when we was moving to another place. I regret it now.

I could not say ‘R’ as a child.

This was also something I was got bullied for, but eventually I learned to say ‘R’ on a vacation – after I’ve listened to a song called ‘Ice – Can’t get over you’. I don’t remember the year, but I’ve learned eventually! I may have been annoying when I first could say ‘R’, but what a lovely feeling!

I’ve had short hair, very short.

The year was 2011 when I had short hair. When I say short hair, I mean like short hair that boys have. I was tired of my worn out hair and I missed my natural hair color. The hair grow back out so therefore I haven’t had such a big problem to cut my hair. Except last year when I cut my hair to the shoulders, then I regretted it – because at that time I started to get long hair. Hair grow back again anyway. So yes – let it grow!

This is what I did on our liberation day

May 8th is the 128th day of the year (the 129th in the year of shooting). It’s 237 days left of the year. May 8, 1945 is the date of Norway’s liberation from Germany.

Today I ate breakfast with my sister before we drove down to Oslo to help our grandmother hang up a photo on the wall. It was great to see our grandmother again and we enjoyed ourself. I’ve been so tired today, but it has been a great day anyway. I was eating dinner with Annette, Marie & Mats, then I did not have do eat dinner alone because my boyfriend had some other plans today 🙂.

It’s good to do things a little bit different.

Yesterday I started my day by watching TV before my dad and my sister visited me. After the little visit I went on a trip with my sister, the boyfriend to my sister: Mats, my mom and Bent to a place called Mariholtet. We just wanted to eat some good food, go for a walk and have fun in the nature.

Annette and Mats had packed a camping stove and they had made tikka masala so we could warm it up at Mariholtet – yummy! As the dessert they had packed pancake mix. It was good to do things a little bit different on a trip like this, instead of eating hot dogs etc. It was a good time yesterday, so thank you folks for å lovely day! It must be repeated 🙂.

On the way back we met my boyfriend, hihi. He was working from 10 am to 1 pm, so he couldn’t be with us from the beginning. Thanks again for a lovely day everyone!

I choose to end with the beginning, and start with the end.

I’m empty. Empty for words, thoughts and energy. Empty for will and life. I feel tired. What’s life about? Is life about living and doing stuff? Or is it about working and make money? I don’t know. The insecurity is sneaking up on me. Insecurity and fear all this without me knowing what am causing it. Life is fighting against me and I feel a pressure. A pressure to perform, a pressure to prove and a pressure to see things through. I have a meeting tomorrow, even if the meeting is scaring me because I don’t know what I want. I don’t want to go and the insecurity is sneaking up on me again.

People say that I’m strong because I speak about it, but I am really that strong? When I’m alone I cry. Is that being strong? Deep inside I have no meaning with my life, but also no energy to do something with it.

What does it even mean to be strong? I choose to end with the beginning, and start with the end. I’m empty. Empty for words, thoughts and energy. Empty for will and life. I feel tired.

It all ended with a phone call

I parked the car, walked glad and happy out of the parking garage and entered a nail salong at Strømmen. Did I come out of the salong happy? basically yes, but when I was look closer at the job that was done, I was not particularly pleased. The nails were badly put on! I therefore wrote a review on facebook where I wrote that I was not satisfied. I finally got a phone call from the manager herself where she apologized and asked me to come back – in addition to getting back the money.

I mean and firmly believe that: If a business has done a bad job, customers should not be wise to go there. People read reviews, and therefore companies should do a good job to prove themselves proficient. I got the money back, but chose not to go back there. Once I’ve had a bad experience, I will not go back. Not did they take into account a wound I had on one of my fingers.

The day after I went to Renate, which is a apart of the salong ‘Beauty by Helstrøm’. She got the old nails removed and put on new ones. From now on is she the only one who is allowed to fix my nails.

Time Goes While I Stand Still.

I look out the window. I don’t even know what I looking at, I’m just looking out. Why am I looking out of the window? I don’t know. I open the fridge and then I close it, why am I doing that? I don’t know. Why do I listen to music instead of watching tv? I don’t know.

The thoughts just spinning inside my head and I don’t know what, why and how. I don’t know. Why do I not know? When I’m sitting here and writing, tears are falling from my eyes, why do the tears fall from my eyes? I don’t know. I don’t want to meet people, why do I not want to meet people? I don’t know. Why do I not know? I don’t know. I don’t see the positivity in the daily basics. Why do I not see the positivity? I don’t know.

I don’t want to do nothing. I feel that the days are empty, sad and heavy. Why am I here, what do I have to offer? I have the feeling that I don’t want to be here. I want to dig a hole in the ground and jump down. I’m mentally tired and in the nights I can’t sleep unless I take sleep pill. We’re not suppose to take a pill to sleep better. There’s actually something wrong – with me.

Why? I don’t know.

This is how my boyfriend and I eat

My past relationship wasn’t a very healthy one when it came to food. My ex didn’t ate vegetables, chicken and fish. Therefore it was a little hard for us to eat healthy food together and we was eating hot dogs, hamburgers etc – something that isn’t good in a long term.

First and foremost, I want to say that my boyfriend is incredibly good at eating healthy and he loves to cook in the kitchen, so he is the king in the kitchen in this apartment. At the same time, he is able to vary between different dishes. He also does not drink soda on weekdays, just on weekends. I have to try to get better and to cut out soda in the weekdays, but I need start in the small. Now we both try to eat as clean products as possible. Therefore, we avoid unhealthy food, but once a week we find it okay. We try to eat mostly meat, fish, chicken and vegetables – therefore we try to eat a little less of potatoes and pasta. We also try to make things from scratch and therefore avoid buying frozen pizza or ready meals.

What makes a good relationship?

This can be a very long and specific answer, so I’m going to give you a few bullet points. It can be so many answers at this one, but a good relationship really depends on what you value in your own life and consider good. With that being said, here are my eight key points:


This is the most important. If there’s no trust, there’s no relationship.


If there is misunderstanding, sit down and talk about it.

Evolve and grow.

Allow one another to evolve and grow. Not only in the relationship, but one another too.

To miss one another.

Allow one another to be apart. If you see a person every single day, it can be a little to much. So be apart for some days so you can miss your partner!

Do someting romantic.

You don’t need valentine’s day, birthday or a special day to do something romantic. Go out and eat on a resturant on a monday, wedensday or friday.. Do something together!

Don’t change.

Don’t try to change people. We must accept them for who they are. You can customize things, but do not change the person.


Forgive is important, but there are some limits. Accept it if you really love the person and you know the person is feeling really bad for their behavoir.

Be vulnerable and open about love.

Talk about the love, if there something you miss, or it is something you don’t like? Go ahead learn more about one another.

This is the only word she says.

Hellooo says Marie – Hellooo, I answer.
We can have a conversation like this for about 5 minutes. Haha.

💕 Cute little you ! 💕

Started my day by drinking some tea with my boyfriend and ate some eggs before I went out of my apartment. I had promised my sister to go with her to a eye-doctor. I also got the chance to say hi to my little aunt child when I was having lunch with my sister. Beside this I haven’t done so much this day. Yay! Now It’s bedtime – sleep tight and well everyone!

68 Days left!

Last time I traveled was 5 years ago, 5 years! It’s been a while and I really miss it! The warm good feeling, the good food, the good experience and to make some new memories. This year I’m a lucky girl who are going to experience a little more of the world. My boyfriend and I are going on a road trip this summer!.

We are going to drive all the way down to Gibraltar! Gibraltar is located in Southwest Europe, more specifically on the southern coast of the Iberian Peninsula, strategically located at the Gibraltar Strait that connects the Atlantic and Mediterranean. We start our holiday by taking a boat from Norway to Denmark. From there we drive further down. I have never had such a holiday before, but I’m looking forward to experiencing it. I’m looking forward to traveling abroad, really!

Today’s dinner: Salmon!

This is the first time I’m making this recipe, I really enjoyed it! So good that I want to share the recipe with you guys. It don’t take that long time to make, maybe an half hour. I did not take the time tho, sorry!





♥ Thai Red Cooking Sause, ♥ Chives (spices), ♥ Salmon fillet 2. pcs, ♥ Pomegranate, ♥ Soya Sauce, ♥ Aspargus, ♥ Pepper, ♥ Chilli, ♥ Corn, ♥ Oil, ♥ Salt.


1. Slice the vegetables you want, put them in a bowl and pour a little soy sauce up and mix it together.

2. Put on the oven and pour on oil in the frying pan – I used olive oil. I’ll put one the vegetables for a few minutes while I had the cooking plates at medium heat. You choose how long you want to steer the vegetables, I don’t like my vegetables so soft, so I steer them for about 3-5 minutes.

3. Right before I took the vegetables up, I layed the salmon in the cooking pan as well. I fried them together for about 2 – 3 minutes before I took the vegetables on a plate.

4. When the salmon lays alone in the fyring pan you take 2 tablespoons of ‘Thai red cooking sauce’ and let it cook together with the salmon. You choose how long you want to fried the salmon.

5. Place it on a plate and it’s ready for serving


I took a little salt, pepper and chives on the salmon.
This was for one person and I hope you like this too.

– Bon Appétit –

4 things you probably didn’t know about me

I love photography

There is so much one can do when it comes to photography. You can convey stories and feelings through pictures and there may be someone out there who can get the same feeling as the person behind the camera. I been taking pictures since 2008, but at first I never thought about how the photos could be great from different angels – I usually took a picture at one place and went on to the next place. Now I think more about how the photos can be great at different angels, and sometimes I think how to convey things through the pictures I take.

I am very picky

Especially when it comes to food. I’m afraid to taste new things. I don’t eat tomato, onions or mushrooms – nothing that has the same consistence as them. I do not cope with the consistence. My boyfriend is very good at eating everything, so maybe I can become tougher over a year or so? Maybe I can get a little less picky?

I’m a low person

I’m 157 cm tall. A good friend of mine didn’t believed me, so he measured me there and then. Haha. There are some advantages of being small too – one time me and a colleague was working together. I worked on all the lower parts of the job and he on the higher parts, very convenient.  Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

I’m a pessimist

Why should plan A ever work? When plan A don’t work I’m quite prepared and I’m not surprised. At the same time, I have difficulties forgiving people. If anyone breaks my trust, then thats a good reason for me not to have them in my life anymore.

I’m trying a Turkish tea.

I’m not a tea person, but I wanted to try this tea. This tea comes from Turkey and it will reduce your appetite, which means you can lose weight. A friend of mine has been drinking this before and she lost weight. Usually I’m not so fond of tea because of the taste, but this one tasted really good!

I started to drink this yesterday and I’m looking forward to see how this tea will affect my body. I want to order more when it’s getting empty (I only hope it’s possible to order it on a website that sends to Norway). I liked the taste. I actually think this has become my favorite tea.

5 reasons you should have sex tonight.

Do you even need a excuse to enjoy a rop in the bedroom (or anywhere else, for that matter)?. Having sex isn’t just a great way to connect with your partner – it can also improve your heart health. Scroll down for a few suprising benefits of doing the deed.

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It counts as cardio.

If you’re not fan of the gym, you can woke up and sweat in the bedroom instead. Researchers determined that sexual activity is a moderate-intensity aerobic exercise that burns around 3 calories per minute in women. And like any aerobic exercise, sex can help strengthen your heart, lower your blood pressure, and reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes. But that doesn’t mean you should ditch your usual workout routine.

It could reduce your heart attack risk.

Having a heart attack in the heat of passion may be a popular movie cliché, but the odds of sex triggering a heart attack are slim; fewer than 1% of heart attacks are linked to sexual activity. In the long run, a healthy sex life may actually lower your risk of having a heart attack. A study tracked the sexual activity of middle-aged men over a 16-year period and found that those who had sex twice a week or more had a much lower risk of a heart attack than those who had sex once a month or less.

Of course, it’s hard to say for sure whether sex protects your heart or whether healthy people tend to have healthy sex lives to match

It’s an effective stress-buster.

Sexual activity boosts the production of feel-good hormones and endorphins, which can ease stress and improve your mood. “A satisfying, warm physical experience—as part of an intimate relationship that’s affirming in many ways—certainly lessens overall stress and increases a sense of well-being,” Casale says. “Anything that relaxes a person and lowers their feelings of anxiety will benefit their cardiovascular health.”

It keeps you connected.

Feeling warm and fuzzy has a bigger effect on your ticker than you might realize. Loneliness is a known risk factor for heart disease, while social support (yep, including intimate relationships!) is literally good for the heart.

That means it’s most likely the feeling of connectedness that does wonders for your heart, so don’t seek out a booty call solely for the cardio benefits. “If a good sex life is part of a caring, connected life, your heart will benefit,” Casale says. “If it’s just a physical behavior, it’s not very good exercise. A 15-minute jog will probably be better for your heart.”

It’ll help you sleep better.

Not only do those feel-good chemicals help your state of mind, but they also relax your body, making it easier to get a good night’s sleep. According to a recent Australian study, 64% of people reported sleeping better after an orgasm—and better sleep, in turn, may translate to better heart health.

Is perfection a myth?

I’m not perfect and neither are you..
Done is much better than perfect.

We all have done something we really wanted to be perfect and probably it ended up perfect in the end or perhaps you ended up throwing it all away? I’ve been there so many times because I have (in my eyes) ocd. I always want everything I do to be perfect, but sometimes it doesn’t work that way and I have to accept that.

I do believe in perfection but I do also believe that ocd is a huge part of the perfection.